Practice Insight® announces a new solution for Work Comp eBills

Medical providers will experience significant savings by submitting Work Comp bills electronically

Houston, TX-April 27, 2010. Practice Insight® is excited to announce a new solution for sending Workers' Compensation eBills. Customers can now upload a paperwork attachment to their electronic medical claim in EDIinsight®, or upload an ANSI 275 attachment file. Practice Insight® has partnered with a California based Work Comp clearinghouse, Jopari, to offer providers connectivity to over 400 Work Comp payers.

Houston Johnson, President of Practice Insight®, said, “Through this solution providers are able to send Work Comp claims to Practice Insight® in the same batch as their government and commercial claims. This streamlines a provider’s office workflow because they are not having to send claims to multiple clearinghouses.”

In addition, Medical providers can also experience significant savings by submitting Work Comp bills electronically. On paper, Work Comp requires attachments of Diagnostic Reports, Lab Reports, etc. and therefore requires many pages which must be printed and mailed or faxed. If the payer loses the bill, everything must be copied and mailed again. Electronic submission allows the provider to avoid these printing and postage expenses by submitting both the medical bill and the attachments in electronic form plus providers will receive confirmation of claim acceptance.

White paper:  Practice Insight - Work Comp eBills and Electronic Attachments