Our Clients

Our ClientsMDTechMasters services clients all across the United States, practices both large and small. Many of our clients are recommended to us for a single solution, and grow to utilize our services in areas all across their technology needs. Whether you have a specific need, or are looking to streamline several applications, contact us to see how we can help. Here are a few of our client’s stories:

Tim Haniffy, CEO Billing Service
DOCsBackOffice.com, Garden City, New York

Challenge: This billing service has demanding clients of their own, who they need to be able to provide instant answers for with regards to reimbursement, claims status, and provider productivity.  They needed a flexible, easy to use practice management system, and an EDI clearinghouse that helps them easily keep all aspects of their clients’ practices on track.

Solution:  "Our relationship with MDTechMasters starts with their overall outstanding, customer-friendly skills and their knowledge of the industry and technology. It deepens with their understanding of our company’s needs." 

"MDTechMasters’ support for our company in Micro MD and Practice Insight is first class. They help our billing staff to service our clients thoroughly so that we can keep everyone’s cash flows consistent and on time."

"In this rapidly changing world of technology and medicine, I always have peace of mind knowing the staff at MDTechMasters is not only there to support us, but to also act as our partners."

Mark Brown, MD,  Partner
Vision Partners, Mobile, AL

Challenge: This practice had billing software through a vendor who was not responsive to their questions, and who would not integrate with other software the company wanted to use.  They needed to know that when a patient appointment was first booked, the data would accurately update all of their other software.  Additionally, they needed some customized solutions for maximizing their staff’s time.

Solution:  "We’ve worked with MDTechMasters for more than 5 years—increasingly each year as we find that their support and custom programming help us maintain our productivity and improve patient care."

"Everyone who uses Medical Manager knows the support limitations offered by Sage; in contrast, TechMasters is always available for our questions and Medical Manger hiccups – often within just a few minutes. Moreover, they’ve provided the ability to integrate our data (and eliminate the need for redundant demographic data entry) for multiple applications including Whiteplume super bill application, SRS, and FlexOptical, through custom integration solutions."

Cristal Aguilar, MBA Practice Administrator
Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico, Los Alamos, NM

Challenge: This practice needed an easy to use billing system that would convert all of their previous patient and financial information, and would be able to integrate with several other software systems they had chosen.

Solution:  "Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico has been a client of MDTechMasters’ since 2005. During our professional relationship with them, we have experienced nothing less than excellent customer service. "

"The MDTechMasters team began supporting us in 2005 for our practice management software, Medical Manager. We had struggled with support for this program since purchasing it originally in 1996. Working with MDTechMasters felt like a breath of fresh air, as they helped us fix errors and keep the program running for 4 more years. When we made the decision to upgrade from Medical Manager to a new practice management system, we looked to MDTechMasters to guide us. They have a keen sense of what their clients need, and they paid attention to the specific needs of our practice when recommending a new product. We ultimately chose the MicroMD product because the team at MDTechMasters has proven over and over that they will be there when we need them. We have enlisted their help with several integrations with our EMR and encounter form software and each time they are prompt and professional."

"We are happy to give the MDTechMasters’ team our highest recommendation."

Joan Weich, Practice Administrator
NYC Osteopathy, New York, NY

Challenge: This practice wanted to take advantage of the benefits of eprescribing and electronic medical records, yet needed to do so on a budget.  More traditional expensive and hard to implement EMR solutions were not the right choice, so a custom fit was needed.

Solution:  "Since first joining this small healthcare practice two years ago, I have enjoyed as well as appreciated working with MDTechMasters.  I have come to rely on their expertise, caring, and guidance for our practice management needs.  They have an intricate grasp of the nuances of our practice, which they employ when assisting us with our Medical Manager system, and with Practice Insight.  In my role, I most appreciate the immediate responsiveness to our requests, troubles, or inquiries, regardless of how large or small."

"When I was assigned the task of finding an EHR system for our practice, I knew that it would be to the practice’s advantage to engage MDTechMasters to coordinate the implementation and training for the Practice Fusion program we chose.  They have done a fantastic job in outlining the issues for me, as well as preparing a timeline for the implementation.  Most importantly, their flexibility in working with real life scenarios as they occur has been quite remarkable; small businesses don’t usually get that kind of premier treatment.  We unequivocally recommend this company."