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1. When it comes time to mail out patient statements, you:   Buy my staff lunch and we have a “fold and stuff” gathering in the lunchroom
 Take the statements home so my kids can fold and stuff them
 Fold and stuff them myself while watching Grey’s Anatomy
 Press the SEND button on my computer
2. A new patient is coming in for her first appointment.The front desk:   Makes photocopies of their insurance card when they arrive
 Copies down the insurance information to paper forms when they arrive
 Waits to collect insurance information at the end of the visit
 Obtains a realtime eligibility check before the patient comes in

3. When we file secondary insurance, the office:   Makes photocopies of the primary insurance EOBs, prints a HCVA, and mails it
 Does not accept or file secondary insurance; it is too much trouble (tertiary, are you
 Does nothing, because the secondary claims are sent electronically with the primary

4. The day before appointments, our
office staff preps charts for the next day's
patients by: 
 Pulling charts from the chart room and attaching paper route slips
 Driving to the local storage unit for charts of patients who haven’t been seen in
    several years
 Printing 5 sets of labels for all new patients for each of the forms they complete
 Doing all of the above
 Doing nothing; the EMR software creates the new charts as the patients check in for
    their appointments

5. When confirming our patient
appointments for the week, we: 
 Pay a telephone staff to call each patient and leave messages
 Send out postcard reminders
 The front desk calls a few patients between other tasks and never finishes
 Do nothing because our reminder calls go out automatically from our scheduling

6. In order to know what other
medications our patients take,
the patients: 
 Fill out a lengthy questionnaire each time they visit
 Bring in a plastic bag with all of their pill bottles
 Do nothing because the history is already available through our e-prescribing

7. You have several imaging machines
in the office, and techs that come in
daily to perform studies. In order to
get their list of patients, the techs: 
 Get a printout of the schedule and type in their patients’ names and the scheduled
 Photocopy the appointment schedule and add notes of their own
 Do nothing because the work list is automatically created from the scheduling

8. The doctors are concerned because it seems like their cash flow has been down lately. In response, you:   Quickly go and rebill all the open claims in hopes that some will get paid soon
 Resolve to tackle that pile of EOB denials and rejections on your desk today
 Realize that you have not printed statements or bills in over a month
 Review the Task Manager and Reports to see whether reimbursements have dropped

9. The practice wants to contact every
patient seen in the last three years who
were diagnosed with diabetes and who
have not yet been back for a checkup this
quarter. You: 
 Hand address postcards for all patients, regardless of whether they have diabetes or
 Print labels for all of the patients and then go through the charts to find those with
    diabetes and check the date of their last visit
 Run a report that provides addresses of all patients with diabetes who have not been
    seen in the past ninety days, and merge that into a form letter which is then
    electronically mailed out

10. The doctor needs to find a faxed lab
result for the patient who he is meeting
in the ER. You: 
 Run to find the patient’s chart in the chart room
 Look on the other doctor’s desk for the chart
 Sort through the pile of faxes received since last Thursday
 Call the lab and ask them to resend it because you cannot locate it
 Remind the doctor that he can open the patient’s electronic chart on his tablet while
    waiting for the patient to arrive at the ER


When you post charges for your providers, you:   Collect paper superbills, and try to read the writing to match it with codes
 Notice the doctor has only circled one diagnosis, so you add two others that you
    know the patient always has
 Realize that there were 35 patients on the schedule but that you only have 20
    superbills, and no record of which patients might not have shown up
 Doubleclick the patients off of a charge list provided by the EMR which has all of the codes, and finalize the charge. No show patients are posted automatically and called by the scheduling software.

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